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Fly fishing tours for women


finally a fly fishing group for women

Until a short time ago, the world of fly fishing was almost exclusively reserved for men.

We are A LOT of women (and we are more and more everytime!) who love fishing, but we can’t find a safe place for ourselves.

That’s why Mujeres Pesqueras was born. 

Girls of all ages, in Argentina, Brazil and the rest of the world organize ourselves to do what we love, go fishing!

Meet new friends practising this hobby that we are so passionate about.


This is how we manage ourselves to go fishing with fellow women

Our main communication channel is our Facebook group. We are more than 60 members from Brazil and Argentina. We choose the destination we want to go to, we agree on the date, and there we go!

A professional guide accompanies us, takes us to the best places on the river, cooks for us and teaches us new techniques.

All Kuntur Fly Fishing trips can be made exclusively for women. 

Getting up at dawn to be calm by the water, contemplating the landscape, waiting for the catch is priceless. And besides, we have an incredible time.

Imagine eating these tortas fritas with the girls after a day of fishing...

I can hear the "kshhh" of the oil all the way from here 😍

The adventure begins long before the trip: look at everything you will take with you in the Facebook group

Tying classes every week: live, exclusive and free

Learn how to make your own flies with our live classes. With our ambassador Vero, laughter is assured.

Fly fishing lessons every week: live, exclusive and free

Water reading, shooting techniques, sports equipment… The topics are endless! Every week Santi, one of our guides and instructors, teaches us new things.

Learn about fly fishing with other girls like you

The madness of the fly fisherwomen is only understood by the fly fisherwomen. The rest of the world thinks we are crazy, and we are! Crazy about fishing. Nothing better than meeting other women who share the same passion.

look at everything we learned to do in our facebook group

you are the only one missing

Do you want to know what our next girls' trips are?

Or maybe you want us to organize a tour for you and your friends – we’ll gladly do that!

Reach out to us. We’ll get back to you in less than 48 hours.

If you want a quicker response, you can find us on WhatsApp:

+549 3834 76 1234